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GODFREY'S WAR is a novel of revolution and redemption as a young man wrestles with personal and national demons during a horrific biological warfare attack. The novel is set in the backdrop of a national health crisis caused by Granit Hoxha, an ISIS affiliate, who launches a bioweapon against the US. The reigning president, Rupert Graft struggles with his administration’s poor response to the crisis. GODFREY'S WAR is a harrowing tale of rebellion and strife as a young man is thrust too soon into the jaws of a revolution that catapults them towards a horrific conclusion. But not before their lives and the lives of the entire nation are held in the balance.


FLETCHER is the story of a homeless man who decides to build a small house in a public park. The homeless people from the local Tent City rally around him and join him in the park which causes much friction with the municipal authorities as the homeless population in the park grows. FLETCHER not only becomes the voice of the homeless but also their Messiah. He becomes the catalyst for massive social protest and a human rights movement escalates, threatening to overthrow the nation. FLETCHER is a novel reflecting the current disparities in wealth inequality and the social injustice resulting from a system that favors the wealthy and crushes the most vulnerable members of our society.


You will find that WORDS & WIRES is designed for the guitar player, though the principles that I share here apply to piano players or keyboardists who writes songs as well. And in a broader sense the principles I have discovered through my musical journey can be applied to any art and even to life itself. After all, are we not all seekers and dreamers as well as pickers and strummers?This guide is aimed at any level of musician or songwriter from the beginner to advanced player. It is meant as a guide in the true sense of the word. Take what you want from it and chuck the rest if it doesn’t apply to you or it just plain doesn’t work for you. I’m still learning and growing and I haven’t figured it all out yet, and probably never will. My hope is that you will find something here to enlighten, illuminate and encourage you.


This brief collection of ATHABASCA OIL SANDS POETRY was written while I was employed on the Athabasca Oil Sands Project in Northern Alberta. I needed a job, the door was open and the money was good. It was hard being away from family and friends for so long but the week off every month and the cash to enjoy my time off made it worthwhile. When I first stepped off the plane it was minus fifty degrees. The words “cold” or “freezing” don't do justice: a new word needs to be invented, maybe combining excruciating and frozen. (exfroziating?) I broke out into a strange red rash over my whole body that lasted my entire first two weeks on site. I couldn't get warm, no matter how many layers I put on and at night a shivered under the blankets. After a couple turns up there I got used to it. Eventually minus fifteen was a nice warm day.

THE URBAN JOSHUA is a book about our modern, urban society and the modern, urban people who live in that society. It is also about a man named Joshua ben Joseph who taught a way of life that is relevant, dynamic and ideal for our progressive age. Joshua’s teachings have already greatly influenced the course of history since his brief time on Earth some 2000 years ago. Much of his teachings act as a silent witness to the transformation in thinking of modern men and women who envision a society of equality, freedom and social justice. The original message of Joshua is relevant, vital and also urgently needed in this time of social upheaval, political militancy, economic restructuring and technological progress.

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This first book in THE JOSHUA BOOK series portrays the original message, or religion, that Joshua proclaimed without the assorted doctrines that has been laid on top of his simple message of brotherly love and Fatherly devotion. The great hope for this world is found in the message that Joshua presented to the world some 2000 years ago. During times of great economic, political and social upheaval, there is a greater need for the transforming power of the religion of the Kingdom of Heaven without the various doctrines that have been added on to the simple truth that God is our Father and we are his Sons.


THE STORY OF JOSHUA BEN JOSEPH: 2000 years ago, during the Roman occupation of Palestine, a tradesman shook the foundations of not only the country of his birth, but also the entire Roman Empire with his radical new way of life. His followers died for him; his enemies murdered him and countless thousands were astonished at his words. This is the story of a carpenter who became the greatest spiritual teacher of all time.


La gran esperanza para este mundo se puede encontrar en el mensaje que Josué ben José presentó al mundo hace unos 2000 años. En tiempos de grandes turbulencias económicas, políticas y sociales, hay una mayor necesidad del poder transformador de las buenas nuevas sin el equipaje adicional de púlpito y sacerdocio.El mundo necesita un mensaje fresco, sin adulterar, de esta verdad. El mundo necesita que la persona de Josué brille a través de los verdaderos creyentes que no comprometan con el dogma religioso y la tradición institucional. El mundo necesita ver a Josué en la cara de aquellos que de buena gana y alegremente caminan por la segunda milla, que ven a cada hombre, mujer y niño como su hermano o hermana, parte de la gran familia de Dios.


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