• Richard Revelstoke


You know one thing I really struggle with is religious or spiritual people who copy-and-paste verses from their holy book and use it as a weapon against others. If you know your holy book so well you should be able to put it in your own words—otherwise you don't really understand it do you?

People think a parrot is very clever saying so many clever things and a parrot is so very proud of himself but a parrot doesn't really know what he's saying. He's only repeating things he's been taught to say.

Real religion is your own personal experience with the divine in whatever manner you have come to know him or her—God or Creator or Higher Power or whoever. Real religion is what happened or is happening to you on your spiritual journey today. Not just the verses you memorized from your holy book.

And I'm not talking down about holy books because there is much wisdom in them. But you can't spend your whole life in school—eventually you have to go out into the real world and live. Life is the real test of you and your religion. I hope you live it well—I'm doing the best I can too.

Have a nice day!

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