• Richard Revelstoke

The Universe is on Your Side

In the sea of negativity we are confronted with every day in the media it's sometimes difficult to see much light or hope. I'm guilty of focusing on the negative too. Maybe because, like many of us, I'm concerned, troubled and alarmed by what is happening to the world—it's hard not to focus on the darkness, especially when the darkness seems so pervasive.

Sooo...the good news is that the universe of good always triumphs over the garbage dump of evil. The universe is built upon a foundation of love, compassion and ultimately peace.

The universe is on our side.

The universe is not just a blind automation of energy and matter hurtling through space for no reason. It was created for a purpose and we are created with a purpose. We are not just material beings in a material world. We are also spiritual beings in a spiritual universe.

That's doesn't mean we will never have any troubles or challenges, it just means that our inner guide is willing to go through life with us and lead us through the valley of death to the still waters and green pastures. Maybe we need to be consoled by the fact that the good we do lives forever while the evil that seems so drastic will soon perish and fade.

Have a great day!

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