• Richard Revelstoke

Building Bridges

There's an evolving culture who use TwitterSpeak in the Twitter-verse: a savvy, sharp and often tribal culture; a socio-political think tank of the hippest upwardly mobile movers and shakers, politicians, technocrats, supernerds, writers, media geeks and journalists; the cool kids who know what shitposting means.

Before the great purge of the alt-right, it was a hostile place. It's still somewhat hostile but the inclusive generation of Antifa, BLM, trans, gay and people who tell you their pronouns are barricading the doors and driving conflicting narratives out. This is forcing the right to congregate on their own social media sites like Bitchute, Rumble, Minds, Parler and many others. The youth are huddled on Instagram, Snapchat, Discord and other sites, playing marathon video games with chat rooms enabled. Is it a good thing if we all have our own private Idahos and every tribe and demographic exists in exclusive echo chambers? Meanwhile, with a zillion ways of communicating are we any better at listening? I'm active on Telegram and Signal chat groups; also I use Messenger, Whatsapp as well as here on the seemingly eternal Facebook, but I still prefer and am enriched by friends who I meet up close and personal. There never will be digital Utopia, man does not live by social media alone: We're gregarious social mammals, not lone wolf predators. Humans were tribal long before we created city states and warring nations. Maybe social media is two steps forward and one step back as we ascend into a global internet culture and descend into social media tribalism.

The goal of many on the left might be to utterly destroy racism, homophobia, Islamophobia, anti-semitism, sexism and all forms of hate. The goal of the right seems to be to return or restore our national culture to some imagined golden past or at the very least to preserve the foundations of our institutions, traditions and values. Unfortunately for both sides of the political spectrum, modern society has launched an unending story of upheaval and progress that neither side can control. The only solution(s) I see to keep the ship afloat is for both sides to learn to work together and find commonality and unity from our mutual tribal roots, the increasing connectedness of our global family and our shared eternal spiritual destiny. We can have peace on Earth but it's better created by building bridges not by burning them down.

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