• Richard Revelstoke

FLOTUS is not a Flotation Device

America is a confusing country sometimes. I thought for the longest time that FLOTUS was a flotation device and I wondered why so many Americans made the same typo—GOP (GDP). I just learned yesterday that POC means a Person Of Color. In Canada we don't have any POC's....we just have some white people, some brown people, some Natives, some Asians and some black people.

I'm in an enviable position as a Canadian spectating on the American political machine to the south. It's all so VERY SERIOUS down there. And complicated. There's governors and senators and the House and Congress and an endless monologue of legalese slung about by everyone concerned. It seems as if every American is a lawyer.

Everybody knows the constitution in America and the Founding Fathers are like a bunch of Moses (Moseses?) who came down from Revolution Mountain and chiseled the constitution into stone tablets, forever ensuring that nobody would ever think of changing the system to fit modern times. Checks and balances don't seem to work. Sorry, that's just my observation.

Canada is lot more simple. We just have a Prime Minster who says some dumb stuff now and then. Sometimes he says some wise stuff too but mostly nobody pays attention to him anyway. Many young men I met in America were put in jail for all kinds of minor offenses that would only get you a ticket or a slap on the wrist in Canada, or nothing would happen.

And there are thousands of vets who served in Vietnam and Iraq and Afghanistan. Many are homeless people with PTSD. War either toughens you up or screws you up. Or both.

There's an ugly racial scar that runs thick as a snake over the back of America. Some Americans weep over that scar and some seem to be pouring salt on it. Makes it hard to heal.

Something outstanding about America: it has produced many, many great men and women. America has produced more heroes per capita than the rest of the world combined. The absolute total dangerous relentless madness of the cultural war in America is a caldron for boiling, baking and cooking the character of ordinary citizens and forcing everyone—red, white, yellow, black or brown to choose a side(s) on every conceivable issue. If you sit on the fence you're more than likely to get blown off by both sides.

I get slammed a lot for criticising the American Dream but I'm just an observer not a dreamer. You don't have to love America or leave it. You just have to love it. God bless America. Aspire to be great. Have a nice day.

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