• Richard Revelstoke

God and Oil

You can’t serve God and Money—you cannot serve two masters for you will love the one and hate the other. If Jesus was here today he might say you can’t serve God and Oil.

Oil makes the world go round. Without oil our global economy would collapse and the oligarchy would collapse with it and along with this petro-states need a bloated military to control the flow of oil and guard the pipelines.

I have a Nigerian friend who says he prays every day that the oil would dry up because oil has ruined his country. Oil spills from Royal Dutch Shell's relentless drilling have destroyed the livelihoods of many. "Since 2009, devastating oil spills have exposed thousands of fishermen and farmers in the oil-rich kingdom to toxic substances, affecting their health and destroying their farmlands and rivers. The clean-up process, however, is too slow..."

“It’s hell here," says local councillor Kpobari Vieme. “People go to polluted streams to fetch drinking water. We inhale the polluted air, farm and fish from the same polluted environment.”

We could reduce our dependence on fossil fuels by half with solar and wind farms; and reduce our dependence on the oligarchy and the system of control they have created. Denmark is now using wind power for 47% of their energy needs.

Some people support the system because our oil-based economy has given so much to so many, but there are often unintended consequences to wealth. Some people fight for things to stay the same; others want change. Either way, we are moving forward as a species and gone are the days of permanence and security.

Science and technology have pushed the ship out of the safe medieval harbour and there’s no going back. Bon voyage...we’re on the high seas of adventure. Batten down the hatches. We may be in for a rough ride.

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