• Richard Revelstoke

Human Doings

This is a sad truth but some people don't know how to be a human being. Most people know how to be a doctor or a lawyer or soldier, sailor or candlestick maker but many people were never taught or just don't want to be a good human being.

It's much easier to be a human doing. Because we are super animals we have a big brain and opposable thumbs that means we can make all kinds of cool stuff and think all kinds of smart things.

Our modern societies have millions of good human doings but there is a severe shortage of good human beings. Something I've noticed is that most human doings end up being successful in life. At least successful in the eyes of the world.

Human beings however are not as noticeable—you may never get any awards or receive a raise at work or make millions of dollars by being a good human being. You will make a lot of loyal friends though.

You don't need years of school and training to be a good human being. Anyone can do it no matter their race, sex, nationality or IQ—you just have to have a heart and have compassion for others.

That's it have a nice day.

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