• Richard Revelstoke

Respublica Demokratos

The word “republican” is from the Latin “res” and “publicus,” meaning “relating to the people.” Similarly, the word “democrat” comes from the Greek “demokratos” that combines two shorter words: demos meaning a citizen living within a particular city-state and kratos meaning power or rule.

The Romans were a militaristic, administration-loving, law and order society. They had strong father-led families and though often cruel, they unified the Western world, cleared the seas of pirates and provided safe roads for international trade and commerce. They had one of the first cosmopolitan societies that tolerated different religions, as long as the religion didn't threaten Roman hegemony.

The Greeks were philosophical lovers of art, truth and beauty. They practically worshiped the human body and were not exactly sexually innocent. The Greek philosopher Cleisthenes is considered the father of democracy:

The Greek philosophers became the tutors of the wealthy Romans—their children were raised on a diet of Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Philo and the newly evolving Hellenized Christianity. Paul's gospel of the resurrected Christ was a far more complex and socially challenging ethical system than the half-hearted pantheon of Roman gods.

The historical fact that the Roman Empire got fully in bed with institutional Christianity is a theme that is repeated today as the church has allied themselves with the military-industrial complex, fully naked between the sheets with an empire whose values and policies are diametrically opposed to everything noble and worthy in the Christian religion.

The conscious battle that is being played out in the public arena today is a struggle for values, civil rights, gender and wealthy equality. The unconscious battle that is being waged is rooted in the original message of brotherhood, freedom and equality taught by the obscure Jewish carpenter from Nazareth. His simple statement that “there is no male or female, no Jew or Gentile, no rich or poor in the kingdom of heaven” has had a profound impact on our entire western culture.

The Roman war machine defeated the Greek armies in a series of wars in the 2nd century BC, but then in turn the defeated Greeks overthrew the whole Roman Empire with Greek philosophy and the apostle Paul's inspired theology.

The moral of the story just might be that the current Empire of Greed will be overthrown slowly and steadily by a war of attrition. The war machine is powerless against the simple message of love, peace and tolerance that Christianity subconsciously promotes and that Joshua ben Joseph openly taught.

Long live the revolution.

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