• Richard Revelstoke

Tree Hugging

Okay here’s the deal. I am now a fully-fledged tree hugger. Yes, it’s true, I went out to the forest today and hugged, not one, not two, but several trees. Some really big ones and some smaller ones.

First of all I would like to report that the tree did not hug me back nor give me Indian visions of the end of the white man.


I read somewhere that trees have “latent chi energy” that can heal you of all ailments and diseases. I’m just as curious as the next guy and after hugging a few trees I can honestly say it has a positive healthy benefit. Why has Oprah not talked about this?!

I can’t say for sure whether my chi energy is adjusted or my chakras are aligned but I definitely felt an instant calming effect. And medium size trees are the best. The really big ones you can’t get your arms around kinda feel like hugging a wooden wall made of bark and the small ones feel like hugging a telephone pole. A medium sized tree that you can get your arms around like it’s a human body is a much more rewarding experience.

Did the tree get a woody from the experience? Difficult to say but there are

many studies showing that plants are highly sensitive to music and love. I’m pretty sure the tree is looking forward to a second date.

I tried to take a selfie but some park ranger chased me out of the park calling me a weirdo. Some people have no appreciation of the finer things in life. Anyway I found a nice photo of some hippie chick who can’t get a date either….

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